TXI Workshop: Voiceover with Terri Apple

August 31 @ 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm CDT
TXI Workshop
In this workshop, you will learn how to: -Create voices -Draw characters and apply them to a vocal quality -Help you create a character and understand how to create range of emotion. -Technical aspects of creating and laying down characters and reads. -Creative aspect (no matter level of drawing expertise or experience) where to ‘find the character/voice’ -Execute from beginning to end the character for your project. -Understanding the overall experience of voiceover world-from creative to technical aspects. -Getting you closer to your goal of self-creation, how to master your technique, work with other people and execute creation of projects. We will have her book 'Voiceovers; Making Money With Your Voice' available at a discount. You will need: A pencil/pen and paper or a laptop/tablet to draw on. A recording device. This can be as simple as an iPhone recorder app or a hand recorder. OPTIONAL: An external microphone for your device. About the speaker Terri Apple is a household name in voiceovers, that changed the canvas for women in the voiceover world for over 40 years. With thousands of voiceover commercials, TV shows and animation to her name, Terri has spoken across the country over the last 20 years with her #1 voiceover books. The current book, ‘Voiceovers; Making Money With your Voice' has been a game-changer for the voiceover industry and breaking into the business. Terri has helped thousands of people break into voiceovers, learn how to read scripts, self-direct and work in all genres of the business, as well as voiceover sessions.


Start Date: August 31 @ 5:00pm

End Date: August 31 @ 6:30pm

Event Categories: Guest Speaker Training

Location: Texas Immersive Institute - Immersive Lab (CMA 6.154)

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Target audience: Students